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Oil Absorbent Material for Grease trap

Overview of Oil Absorbent Material

The oil absorbent material is made from Magic Fiber (micro polypropylene fiber).
By making microfibers into sheets, fibers with high lipophilicity, they can absorb and retain large amounts of oil within a short period of time. This is particularly useful for grease traps.

Dramatically improve the cleaning work of the grease trap in restaurants!

This oil absorbent sheet can be mainly used for grease trap such as restaurants and hotels.
Quick massive absorption of only oil!
It is possible to drastically shorten the cleaning work of the grease trap where the store was in trouble.

Fiber Material

The sheet material is microfiber, “Magic Fiber”, created from our cutting edge technology (patent to December 2, 2016). It can be used to absorb large amounts of oil due to the effectiveness of the micro size and 3-dimensional structure etc.

MAGIC FIBER Oil Absorbent PR Video
Product Features

・Outstanding oil absorbent power, which is about 50 times* of its own weight.*
・High water repellent capability and only absorbs oil (while repelling water).
・Useable even when torn.
・Very quickly absorption.
・Can be used by tearing and changing shape.

※Based on in-house test. Results will vary depending on different conditions such as user environment, status and oil stains.

On-going sample distribution/sales at major restaurants and stores in F&B industry.

Product comparison
Comparison of adsorption amount of oil adsorption sheet
MF oil absorbent sheet About 50 times / of its own weight
A oil absorbent 20 times / of its own weight
B oil absorbent 10 times / of its own weight
*Doshisha University research
Comparison of holding power of oil

Usage example with grease trap

Remove the lid of the grease trap

Dirt and residue are clogged in the first layer

Dirty oil floating inside

Inject adsorbent

Immerse oil into adsorbent

Collect the oil adsorbing material

Dirty oil is being collected cleanly

Collect the adsorbent

Storage method and processing method

It is made of thin and light new material, so it can be stored in a small space.

Used adsorbent (after oil adsorption) can be disposed of by incineration, but basically it is treated as industrial waste. Since treatment differs depending on each local government, please contact the municipal office.

Usage notes
  • This product can not be eaten. Please keep it in an out of the reach so that infants will not eat accidentally. If someone swallowed, please let them spit immediately. If swallowed in large quantities, please consult a doctor.
  • A trace amount of polypropylene powder may adhere to the product. If you inhale it may hurt your health, so when removing it from the bag and use it, please do not smell the product, tap it and give out powder. Also at the time of use spilling powder makes it easier for your feet to slip and you may fall over, so please clean the floor surface at such time.
  • As this product is flammable (specified combustibles on the Fire Service Law), please handle it in a place away from fire and heat source. Depending on preservatives and handling volume, notification to local governments may be necessary, so please follow the regulations of local governments.
  • Products after oil adsorption should be disposed of after consultation with a professional disposal company according to the type of oil. Please follow the regulations of local governments if there is regulation.
Overview of Specifications
Name Oil absorbent sheet for business use
Part No.
Form Sheet
Dimension 30cm x 30cm/piece
Material Polypropylene (PP)
Weight 20g/piece
Application Removal of oil stains/leakages removal etc. in grease trap.
Absorption Target Oil
Absorption Amount Approximately 50 times of its own weight*.

※ In-house reference value. Results will vary depending on the state of oil stain and usage method/condition.

Safety There is no adverse effect on the human body according to analysis test results regarding the safety of chemical fibers. Our product has also met the most stringent Product Category I regulation of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 pertaining to substances such as formaldehyde, arsenic, mercury and chromium that are harmful to the human body.
According to survey results of major inspection agencies.
※ [Magic Fiber] is currently being tested at major international inspection and certification bodies around the world.

Product Brochures/Specifications/Affiliated Information

Product brochure of oil absorbent sheet (for restaurants/grease traps).

Please refer to here about the achievement and information

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