committed to contribute to the world by pushing the boundaries of Nanofiber and other state of the art technologies.

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About M-TEchX Inc.

Company Overview

M-TEchX seeks to develop its business by capitalizing on unique technology and solutions in 3 core areas, namely ‘Nanofiber’, ‘Trading/Food Formulation’ and ‘IT/System Development’.

Business Overview

1. Nanofiber/chemical fiber products and manufacture/commercialization of equipment for mass-production.
2. Trading business and sales/commercialization of food formulation.
3. IT-affiliated business/hardware, software and system development.

Recruitment News

From time to time, we recruit talent who excels in broad industrial sectors such as nano-fiber, foodstuff and ICT; talent who strives for excellence in technology/services that contributes to society.

Current Recruitment Status

Recruitment of New Graduates

There is no on-going recruitment as this moment.

New Hiring

There is no on-going recruitment as this moment.

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